• Regal Downs, Premium Flakes Bedding

    Manufacturer: Regal Downs

    Our 100% all natural premium quality flakes, having no additives or preservatives, are safe for Show horses, Quarter horses, Andalusians, Clydesdales, Thoroughbreds, Stallions, Mustangs, Mares, Ponies, Arabians, and all horse breeds. Other pets include rabbits, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, ferrets and large pets. Available in 2.50 CU. FT. compressed. 

  • Regal Downs Fine Bedding Flakes

    Manufacturer: Regal Downs

    Our Fine Bedding is our smallest flake that picks easily, sifting through the manure fork. Like all of our bedding, it is screened multiple times to remove airborne dust that might irritate the animals’ respiratory system. It is ultra-absorbent to keep the stall dry and clean. It is the most efficient and economical choice for professional training, racing and show stables. FB is kiln dried to remove any insect or mold spores.